Perfect Salon & Nails

At my workplace, we continually get asked questions concerning our prices, hours of operation, types of services and style references. Though it is my job to answer these questions, I wanted to create a business website to 1) Create convenience for myself and clients to easily get their inquiries answered 2) Benefit the business by giving it a digital interface for any new clients to have a look at what our business has to offer.


The front-end aspects were all done using HTML,CSS and JavaScript. The actual layout of the website was constructed using Bootstrap’s grid system and column alignments to optimize the organisation of elements and overall responsiveness of the website (e.g the services section, portfolio section and contact section).

Different libraries and scripts were implemented to help with the functionality of certain sections:

  • - GLightbox: implemented to give users the option to get a clearer look at the images through the overlay / zoom-in to specific areas of images.
  • - Isotope/layout/sorting: used primarily for the gallery section. Allows users to sort through the string of photos based on different criterias.
  • - AOS: fade-in transitions based on element scroll
  • - Swiper: hero background slider to display different sections of the salon